Kaitlyn Szot
Kaitlyn Szot's Fundraiser

We can support Spend-A-Day and Meals on Wheels

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I started volunteering with Sage Eldercare a little over two years ago in Meals and Wheels and now both Meals on Wheels and the Development office. I want to help support this great organization that benefits so many people in our community, and so I created this fundraising page. Many people think that if they are young and able-bodied now, they will have time to plan for their future when they need to. I think it is important to think about your future now and what resources you want to be able to have access to later in life. I know that when I age, I would like to have Sage Eldercare as a resource and order to have them as a resource, they need our support.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Sage Eldercare. Thank you for